Monday, January 24, 2011

Topic 12 Experience

I have learnt alot from attempting topic 12 especially in terms of creating blogs as well as creating my online file storage. Online file storage which I have created one for myself is very safe and easily accessible because as long as you are connected to the internet you can view your files. I also find Wiki very interesting because I got to interact with people of the same interest as me which is fasinating. Finally social networking is good but students especially had to control the use because otherwise alot of their time could be wasted by just chatting with friends!!!!

USP Flexi School - UU100

USP Flexi School especially in UU100 from my point of view should extend its duration to a month. This is because there is alot of task to accomplish as well as assignment to complete which turnit in contributes to the workload. Another option would be to leave the duration as it is but not to use turnit in to check the assignment. Finally I personally think that the assignment should be handed a week prior to the course completion because I realized that all the topics are important in enabling students to submit a much better version of the assignment.